Welcome, this is a quick tutorial to show you how to use the Client Dashboard. You will need your logins (username and password) provided before your service. If you do not have these logins, please email [email protected] for further support.

1. Login to Your Client Dashboard

You can log in your client dashboard from  the following link: Client Login 

2. Dashboard Options Available

1.2 – Client Menu

This is the menu, you can find quick links to your Support tickets, Projects, Quotes/Estimates and you can also request new quotes for any additional services.

1.3 – Alerts

Here you will find all the latest alerts and notifications that are relevant to your project.

1.4 – Outstanding Balance

This showcases all your outstanding balances. At the moment, we use separate software for this, so all your relevant invoices will be emailed to you. If you would like to request access to your customer statement, please email us to [email protected] and we will provide you the relevant details.

1.5 – Open Projects

This is the currently active projects.

1.6 – Open Quotes/Estimates

This area showcases the current quotes/estimates that have been approved.

1.7 – Support Tickets

Any support tickets you open will be available in this section.


3. Support Tickets

Here is the support ticket section. You can find all the support tickets that have been opened here. You can click on the relevant support ticket. Please only open 1 ticket for 1 issue. If you open too many tickets then there will be a delayed response. To add a New Support ticket follow the step below.


Open a New Support Ticket

Click on the ‘Add Support Ticket‘ on the top right of the screen (highlighted below). This is where you open a new request where our customer service will assist you. This will then take you to another page where you can enter your support details. (Refer to step 4)

4. Support Ticket


Ticket Title

Enter the main query that you have in this field. For example, Email is not working.

Ticket Priority

Please select the level of priority you believe your support ticket needs. The higher the priority the quicker we can get back to you on. Please ensure that higher priority tickets are given to incidents with emails not working and your website is down for example.

Upload Files

Please upload any screenshots relevant to your support ticket such as screenshots (optional).


Outline all the details related to your ticket and include as much detail as possible. Once you complete this step, you can simply press on the ‘Create Ticket’ button and the ticket will be created. You can expect a response after 24hrs.

Once you have completed the ticket, it will now be shown on the ‘Support Ticket dashboard’.