What makes RoyalRankings unique?

We pride ourselves in our digital work. We strive to ensure each task, project, communication and client is serviced to the best of standards. This philosophy is cascaded with every stakeholder.

What do I need to do to start?

Get in contact. Our accounts team will serve you to find out your requirements and explain the process to you step by step until you’re well educated on the matter.

How do you ensure a high level of Quality with each Project?

We ensure this by our system we have in place. Another unique feature of our Brand is that we have our own independent dashboard for clients, this allows them to track each task, timelines, projects, quote(s), invoices, raise support tickets and much more.

Through this process, we ensure that at each step we gain your approval before we move on to the next step. This guarantees that each process complete once you’re satisfied. As a result, the entire project will be done based on client satisfaction.

What cost-effective plans do you have to launch new projects for my Start-up?

We understand that finances and costs at the beginning can be a strain, which is why our marketing experts have devised the first start-up plan targeted at aiding and growing start-ups.

Our plan is simple, we provide you with a quote for the digital services you need, such as a website, social media marketing campaign, SEO and what ever service you require. We then, divide the payments into various packages divided into months. This gives you a choice to select which plan suits you best.

I recommended a service, when do I get paid?

Through our affiliate programme, we always ensure payments for our Affiliate’s hard work and dedication. Using our Affiliate programme, we pay you once the project has been completed and finalised.

*Finalisation for us means, the contract has been signed and the deposit has been paid. We will then pay you the sum 2 weeks after the deposit date.

What are the requirements in becoming an Affiliate?

Our Affiliates programme consists of a simple recommendation from any friend, family or co-worker. Their is no initial interview stage as this works simply by word-of-mouth. You will only need to register via our Affiliate portal and fill in your details including a valid legal document such as a passport and bank details so that we can wire you the money.

I changed my mind and wish not to go ahead?

We understand that at times, things do change and your priorities change, which is why we have a 7 day cooling of period. This means that after the contract has been signed, regardless if the deposit has been made, you will have 7 days to let us know.

Letting us know, means placing it in writing and has to be done within the 7 days. Anytime thereafter, will not be accepted and the project will go ahead.

How many Revisions do I receive with my Web Design?

During the planning stage (step 2), you’re entitled to change the revision until you’re satisfied. Once the website moves into the development stage, the website cannot be revised as the productions would have already been concluded.

If you still wish to make amendments, then this will come at a cost. This is due to the fact that the planning stage is the pivotal stage to place as much input for your preferred web design. Thereafter, we incur a cost for our time and this will have to be passed on to our customer.

Do the Web Design services include SEO?

Fortunately, our websites are designed specifically to be optimised for SEO. This allows the clients to have the best possible change to rank high with our SEO services. Additionally, by default, all our websites are indexed to major search engines and the meta data is changed so that it appears on search engines.

*Please note that indexing a website and amending the meta data does not automatically suffice to reach your search results for your website on search engines. Our SEO service will need to be taken additionally to ensure you gain optimum search results.

My Website is complete but I do not Receive any Calls, how come?

There is usually a misconception around having a website and the lead generation after launch.  Simply having a website online, does not justify receiving instant leads. Websites require consistent work including On-page marketing/promotions, marketing strategies and external campaigns such as SEO and Social Media Marketing.

Having an excellent designed website is just the start, as you can imagine; the online marketplace is very competitive for different niches. For example, some competitors for your niche may have started their campaigns for more than a decade ago with aggressive marketing each day and so having a new website doesn’t justify the results you require, even though your website is designed and branded better.

SEO is a key factor to achieving the results your want, it is a highly recommended service with the launch of a new website. It provides you with every aspect to gain momentum on the search engines for related keywords to your business. Majority of all our clients understand the importance of this and as a result they make use of both our Web Design services and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services.

Rather, we can consult you exactly what to do, step by step and ensure that you’re guided to achieve your goals.