How Much Does a Website Cost in Dubai?

This is probably one of the most asked question we receive when it comes to looking to have a new website made in Dubai.

It is perhaps the most misunderstood process and it leads to many still scratching their heads and we know why. It’s a difficult question to answer because there are so many factors to consider when developing a website in Dubai. In this blog we will detail out the prices of a website, why some websites vary to others and why sometimes it’s best going all out rather than budgeting. We will use simple analogise to explain the concept and make references to examples so that you, the reader, can learn more about how it actually works.

Firstly, like any other service or product in the marketplace, there are various variations in quality and outcome when it comes to building a website in Dubai. For example, let’s take a look at a basic Golf 2017 Model, they start at 120,000AED brand new in Dubai.

Examples 1: Comparison between Golf 2017 Basic v Golf  2017 with Features


website cost dubai

Basic Golf 2017. Starts at 80,000AED

Golf 2017 GTI. Starts at 120,000AED









However, additional features and add-ons can easily jump to 155,000. Additional features in reference to a website can mean any additional features that are not customary to a basic website.

Different websites start at different prices and this is due to the default capabilities of the websites. For example, a basic Golf and Golf GTR start at completely different prices due to their configuration and performance. The same principles applies to a blog website (Golf Basic in this case) and an e-commerce website (Golf GTR in this case). They’re both at different prices due to the components required to make each.

Quality or Price – which one to choose?

With an ever increasing amount of vendors offering websites comes the question as to whether to go for quality or price? When we refer to quality, we refer to ‘top-band’ web designers, web developers and marketing professionals that portray your concept into a beautiful branded website that operatives effectively. This is a trivial point that many fall for, quality is always an undisputed factor when users browse your website because it provides you with the following benefits:

  • Brand recognition: a great designed website with an excellent UX (user experience) builds values in your product/service.
  • Trust: quality breeds trust and customers/clients are more likely to engage with your and your business.
  • Value: if you’re selling a service/product that sells high end products then a quality website establishes the value needed.

The concern that many have is that it falls above their budget. It is normal to have budget and to stick to it but a comparison between the advantage and disadvantages in the medium to long term need to also be weighed. Some face the issue of building a website which they may later choose re-build from scratch as they were not achieving their initial desired results all because of price and so they incur more costs than just sticking to quality in the first place.

With our web design service in Dubai, we value quality over everything else so much so that when the costs fall above the budget of any client, we establish a medium term payment plan so that they can achieve their business goals and not incur more costs than they anticipated.

Overall, quality speaks volume and it’s best to understand that quality does come at a valuable price. For example, asking for a Bentley at a Hyundai price tag is something that usually occurs. If you need further assistance and want a quote on pricing then feel free to get in touch.



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