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Recent List of SEO Updates by Google for Dubai


According to people working at Google, the Google algorithm is usually updated three times at the least on a daily basis. It is paramount that you know about the significant Google algorithm updates when doing SEO for a website. This will help you follow regulations and best methods for proper SEO. This is a list of those important algorithm updates SEO companies in Dubai, and all around the world, should be conscious of.


Google panda- February 2011


Websites utilizing content farms and those having slim content received lower ranking with this update while those with original and functional content ranked higher. Websites with keyword stuffing, too many adverts and copied content suffer the most. Building a high quality site is the key.


Top heavy update- January 2012


Web pages with low relevant content and excessive adverts are penalized with this update. Ads should not obstruct the users experience.


Google penguin- April 2012


Websites with purchased or abnormal backlinks are penalized with this algorithm update. Websites have to focus on having useful and original content instead of useless backlinks. This update works in real time so SEO websites should use white hat practices.


Google pirate update- August 2012


This was to strain out sites with complaints of copyright infringement from results of the search engine. The DMCA system receives complaints and updates are regular so websites are punished to address copyright problems.


Google EMD update- September 2012


The Exact Match Domain algorithm update was aimed at stopping low quality, slim content sites from ranking well only because their domain name was in the users search question. Purchasing a nice domain name with good keywords is not more significant than good content in ranking high.


Google payday update- June 2013


This was for cleaning up the spammy questions for searches. Website utilizing black hat practices of boosting rankings with huge search volumes for spammy questions were hit by this update. Their aim is to create organic traffic with this method but this Payday Loan Update stopped it.


Google hummingbird- August 2013


This algorithm can justify context a user searches instead of just coordinating keywords and so it can better dictate what the user is looking for. Pages matching meaning will rank higher than pages with the right keywords. With this update, more original pages with answers to questions are needed and there is more attention on long tail keywords.


Google pigeon- July 2014


This update was for growing local listing rankings in Google and Google map searches. Giving more correct results for local searches and improving matches by location was the emphasis. Local companies and users benefit the most from this.


Google mobilegeddon- April 2015


Websites that are more user-friendly to different devices rank higher with this update. Mobile unfriendly websites will have a problem with this algorithm. Attention needs to be placed on users with mobile devices because they are growing.


Intrusive interstitial penalty- January 2017


Mobile users that are intruded by pop ups when they enter a page have a bad experience and this algorithm update was introduced to penalize such websites. Using a layout similar to a standalone interstitial, showing a standalone interstitial or displaying a popup that shield the key content will be penalized. Only login dialogs, banners and legal obligation interstitials will not be penalized.

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