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Having a website isn’t enough when it comes to be found online. We have drafted a keyword checklist when it comes to checking your website is ready to topple the top of search engines.


Install Google Analytics

You will not know what to track if you don’t have Google Analytics Installed. This is a code that will be integrated into your website code that can trace the behaviour of each user.

If you’re using a Content Management System (CMS) such as WordPress, Drupal or Joomla you can find a plugin for this.


Indexing and Crawlability


This refers to whether or not Google can index your website. There are several crawl errors and these should be looked at as a matter of priority.


Resources with 4xx status code

The absence of resources with 4xx status codes does not guarantee that users and search bots will have absolutely no trouble navigating your website content. Make sure all resources are available and load properly, check your website for Resources with 5xx status codes and make sure your custom 404 error page is set up correctly


Resources with 5xx status code

These are messages that are sent when the server is aware that it has a problem or error


Resources restricted from indexing
To make sure none of the website sections with valuable content is restricted from indexing.


404 page set up correctly 

A customized informative 404 error page can help you keep users on your website. And most importantly it should return with a 404 response code.


Robots.txt File

The availability of a valid robots.txt file on your website does not guarantee that it’ll be quickly and correctly indexed by search engines.

First, the file itself must be setup correctly, so that not to exclude some important content from indexing by mistake. Check Resources restricted from indexing to see what’s closed from search engines on your site.

Next, to ensure fast indexation of the most important pages you should also check the availability of an XML.sitemap.



XML. Sitemap

A valid .xml sitemap on your website does not guarantee that it will be flawlessly indexed by search engines. For better indexation make sure the Robots.txt file is also available in the root directory of your website, and make sure you haven’t closed away from robots any important resource



That all the redirects are completed and that there are no errors on the page. This can also be potentially penalised by Google if there are too many.


Mobile Friendly

Smartphones have revolutionised the digital space and your website(s) need to ensure that it can keep up. Websites that have are mobile responsive, tend to reach higher altitude on google search rankings. This is predominantly due to the value and usability that users gain.



Make sure that they’re not too long. To make sure all your website URLs are clean coded and search engine friendly, check your website for Dynamic URLs as well.




Broken Links

This is just one of the factors relating to the quality of links on your website. To make sure your linking is totally fine, you should also check your website for Pages with excessive number of outgoing links and review your Dofollow external links.


Excessive Links

 This is just one of the factors relating to links on your website. To make sure your linking is totally fine, you should also check your website for Broken links and review your Dofollow external links.




Broken Images

While broken images on the website don’t influence its search engine rankings directly, they definitely deserve being fixed for two reasons.

First and foremost, broken images are a crucial factor for user experience and may result in visitors bouncing away from the site without completing their goals.

And second, missing images may impede the site’s crawling and indexation, wasting its crawl budget and making it hard for search engine bots to crawl some of the site’s important content.


Empty Empty Title & Tags

This is only one thing to check about the titles and this does not mean you don’t have any other problems with page titles on your site. To be sure your titles are totally fine, also check your site for Duplicate titles, and Too long titles.


Duplicate Titles

Self explanatory. Avoid having duplicate titles as every page should have a unique title.


Empty Meta Description

The fact that meta descriptions are present on your website does not mean that they form an appealing snippet. To make sure your snippets will attract users, you should also check your website for Too long Meta descriptions.


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