This includes any services prior to January 2017 or post, each service and packages will need to abide by these terms. 

This is RoyalRankings Terms of Service. This has been revised since January 2017 in line with our vision to ensure that excellent client services are maintained for both parties. Whether in verbal agreement or in writing, these terms and conditions are paramount to any service we offer as an agency.

Here are our terms and conditions of our services. These are important to know as sometimes a misunderstanding can occur and we always adhere to being transparent and so these terms apply to all our services so please read carefully.

General Service(s)

  • By accepting our service via our system, you allow our system to register your IP address for validation of acceptance. This information will never be shared to any 3rd Party and will be encrypted for security.
  • We are not held liable for any damages, infringements or copyrights for any information that you share with us.
  • We cannot be held liable for any negligence of our services, communication or any materials whether on the website, email or if communicated verbally.
  • All your details are stored securely and privately on our secured server. No information will ever be shared with a 3rd Party.
  • You agree to opt-in receive weekly newsletters, updates and resources via email that bring value to your business. You can freely unsubscribe any time you wish using the unsubscribe button on the emails.
  • The agreement and terms of any project should be in writing; in writing means written on the Contract and signed. Anything agreed verbally must be confirmed in the contract and we will not be held liable or responsible if you sign the contract without the required services.
  • If you sign the contract knowing that your services are not present or included, we are not held liable for any negligence or damages. Our team will always confirm everything in writing and ensure that you understand everything prior to signing.
  • If you require any further additional services that are not on the contract then these will be invoiced to you.
  • If through the development of the project you wish to add additional features that are not in the contract, then these will be invoiced and billed to your account. You will receive an Invoice in your client dashboard.
  • You’re unable to use our Affiliate programme with a your own purchase and the same applies within your organisations.
  • Excessive revisions and amendments (more than 5) will become billable at a starting rate of 350AED.
  • You consent to us using your work as part of our portfolio on our website after the project has been completed.
  • We always aim to deliver the best, however, we’re not liable for any delay in service, delay in delivery and cannot be liable for any quality concerns or lack of results for SEO (search engine optimizations) and SMM (Social Media Marketing) as these metrics are not always accurately measurable or within control.
  • Any delayes, this includes any days mentioned in the contract or verbally or any additional revisions. However, we will always aim to deliver on time and to customer satisfaction.
  • All prices quotes/estimates are on a project by project basis and cannot be used for similar projects.


RoyalRankings has a strict payment policy which we implement in each service. By clicking ‘accept’ you accepted each term.

  • You accept to pay the full amount of any service that we estimate/quote.
  • A minimum of 50% must be paid in advance of any service unless you have been accepted in our start-up programme.
  • Projects can start only when we have received the 50% advance with no exceptions.
  • With SEO & SMM 50% still applies, however, the formula is as follows: (number of months) x  (monthly price) divided by 2 = 50%. The remainder will be split equally over the contracted months. For example: 6 months x 4,000AED = 24,000AED/2 = 12,000AED. The remainder will be paid over 6 months at 2,000AED per month.
  • Remainder of the 50% is to be paid once you receive the final draft. The final draft will be watermarked and copyrighted until we receive the outstanding balance.
  • The balance will need to be paid should be no later than a maximum of 7 days otherwise their are late fees that apply each day. Late payment fees 50AEd each day until the remainder is paid. This will be invoiced to your account each week until the payment outstanding balance has been paid.
  • If you further delay more than a month in payment, then your details will be passed on to the creditors who will contact you for closure.
  • Late payment fees is a company policy as each delay incurs a cost from our suppliers which we pass on to our clients. This is non-negotiable and you are liable for this.
  • Once the deposit is made for a project it is non-refundable.
  • If you wish to change your mind on the particular project, you will need to give us 24hrs notice. In which, we will credit your account to use for other services.
  • If any costs have been incurred and you change your mind to another project, we will invoice you the costs which will have to be paid in full before starting the new project.
  • Payments can be made via Paypal, Mastercard, Stripe, Maestro, Visa, American Express, Bank Transfer, Cash and Cheque.
  • With SEO, SMM & our Start-up programme, cheques will need to be written for each month  and provided before any work starts. The cheques must be dated, signed and stamped as these will be checked each month.
  • Any default in payment for any service will pause your service(s) by our systems; this may include your web hosting and emails as your account is linked.

Termination of Service

  • Termination of service must be completed in writing within reasonable notice according to the agreement signed
  • Terminations of service(s) must be within a 30-day notice period or at the time stipulated in the break clause.
  • All contracts follow these terms of service including termination of services
  • Failure to cancel the contract within the break clause period means the client is liable for the remainder of the agreement and balance dues
  • All agreements signed and accepted are done electronically and IP address is registered
  • Websites hosted on our platform have a standard fee of 1,800AED per year and termination of this service is 800AED which includes a back-up of the website and data.
  • Failure to request a copy during the duration of the contract can lead to a loss of data that RoyalRankings is not liable for

Not being aware of our terms and conditions is not our liability, it is common business practice and acumen to be aware that each company has a terms of service in it’s dealings.