5 Things to Know before Starting a Website in Dubai

5 Things to know about Web Designer Companies in Dubai

Since 2015, we have stumbled across many companies offering web designer services as part of our research and we write this to provide the most valuable information to you, the reader, in order to make the best educated decision. We have observed that there are some excellent web designer companies but at the same time there are some that you should be very weary of, we will not publish any names or references as this is BUT we will aid you with some signals as guide to ensure you make the best decision:

  1. Pricing below market value: being in a competitive digital niche means that competition is thrive and everyone client wants to grab the best deal – but are they? Price in the industry means quality and a website project that has an estimation of 20,000AED should be as close to the mark as possible, usually any farfetched pricing usually means you will not get the desired quality and it usually will not meet your expectation both in quality and operation.
  2. Over promising and under delivering: we believe in delivering to customer expectations and we do this by gauging their expectations and being realistic. We deliver what it says on the front door – quality!
  3. Sign a contract and have an agreement: through substantial engagement with clients who come to us, usually, troubled from bad experiences. We learned that having a contract provides the best means of communication and provides the back-bone to an excellent long-term relationship. Many customers have issues during the development process where additional costs and issues arise that were not stipulated in the contract. We avoid this but defining and laying out all the details from the start, if there are further changes we notify you as early as possible and always find a solution that works.
  4. Communication and Meetings: You have signed the agreement, placed a deposit and have not heard back or you hear back from them every so often and it’s not to your expectation. Communication is a key component start to finish in the web design workspace, we have created a system simply for this. Our client dashboard provides a breakdown of each stage, our team updates you with percentages, drafts and also direct messages with all the team involved in real time. You will receive regular email updates for this at each stage. Additionally, we schedule a face-to-face meeting every 2 weeks to ensure you’re happy with the progress of the project. If you still require contact you can always get in touch via phone and email.
  5. Reviews and Feedback: this is a common factor, it influences any decisions we really make and it’s good practise to search the web designer companies Google reviews, Facebook reviews and feedback from their clients by calling them directly.

These are simple measures you can take to ensure that you’re making the best decision for creating a website here in dubai with the ideal web design company. Feel free to get in touch so that we can assist you.

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